What is the Real Disability?

Under my perspective, when we really take a closer look at it, people with disabilities are people differently privileged or differently abled.  How is that? Well, we, people without disabilities –technically speaking- are the ones who have the biggest impairment of all. That is, the most important organ in our body is not working properly, or maybe not working at all: the heart, figuratively speaking. People with disabilities might have physical or mental issues, however sometimes they are the ones with the advantage because their “disability” brings them closer to themselves, to their hearts.  Among differently abled people you can find the most sensitive individuals, not only towards others, but towards everything that surrounds them in probably unimaginable ways or ways beyond our comprehension. The fact that we don’t understand it or cannot solve the puzzle (i.e.: autism), doesn’t mean that they are not way ahead of the rest of us in terms of intelligence, spirituality and love.  Although they might use a wheel chair, are unable to communicate, or have an anxiety problem, in the end it is one small thing when compared to the greatest ability we seem to have lost or forgotten: the ability to love. Without love we lose our sense of hearing, our sense of touch, we walk blind through life and we rely on fear. I think by losing our loving capacity we are becoming the disabled ones. We see ourselves like people without a disability, right? Because we can work, walk, talk, think, etc.  However, we have forgotten one little small detail: our heart and our loving ability. It is like our society can move forward just with a brain and a pocket full of money. We have mixed up our abilities with the material means of making a living. Money and things are a result of the right use of all our abilities. Instead it looks like both, money and things, are the end and the goal. So, we are not thinking straight . . . then don’t we have a “mental disability too?”. Once again, people with disabilities might have a barrier to manage on their own into this society. Sometimes I ask myself:  Aren’t we abled people placing more barriers on top of the already existing ones? Once more, in my opinion differently abled people have the greatest gift of all: love, this makes everything possible!

@SagesScientists: Set your heart on being all you can be. Know that in your heart, anything is possible.

I still remember back in my High School years when one of my teachers said: What if someone was born with 3 functional and perfect arms? Can you imagine all the possibilities? Can you imagine all the tasks and things that this person could do? Probably, if that should had happened for real, then we would have called it a disability . . . .when in fact this person has an extra ability . . .and I ask myself, would we be jealous? Or happy for this person? . . .

When you dwell within your heart everything seems possible, there are not abilities or disabilities for there is only one thing: presence in a moment where everything is perfect before our eyes. Love makes everything perfect, just flawless.

Deepak Chopra: Rewire your brain for higher consciousness by paying attention to love, compassion, and joy

Finally, we are all beautiful and perfect human beings.  Having a disability shouldn’t define anyone.  Unless you want to qualify them as gifted, since they have the greatest gift of all:  endless love.


Perhaps this is a romantic point of view of disabilities, but it is the way I look at it.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you can see a spark in the darkness, and that’s all you need to ignite your inner power and overcome the barrier..


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